Crash Testing bebob Batteries

About a year ago we met the Polish cameraman and producer Łukasz Glewicz on Instagram. He is a big bebob fan - and we are a big fan of his creative work! Therefore we would like to dedicate this blog post to him...

What drives Łukasz: "I gave up my boring job at a company to do what I've always loved - filming. It's been my passion since my earliest childhood. At the beginning of my professional career, I lacked the prerequisites to pursue this profession. Working at the bank gave me financial stability, but it never satisfied me. With patience and a strong will, I finally got into film and today I work as a passionate cameraman and producer."


Why Łukasz works with bebob: "When I started filming, the camera was the most important object for me, directly followed by the lens. During my work as an operator, I realized at some point how important the accessories are. Every adapter, every plate, every screw plays a role. Especially with batteries there are big differences in weight, construction quality and reliability. In the beginning you often don't pay attention to this and use the cheapest batteries to save money for the other equipment. So I have tested a variety of batteries, from the cheapest to the best. Differences can be recognized very quickly: The cheap batteries usually lose capacity very quickly. The same happens with the voltage, at some point the camera cannot be started anymore. The dimensions and weight of my accessories are also important for me. I have been working with the gimbal since 2014, but only with the bebob batteries the balancing became less tedious. And now I can rely 100 percent on an uninterruptible power supply during the shooting.

v290rmcine_kleinŁukasz' crash tests with our batteries "After getting to know the reliability and excellent construction quality of the bebob batteries during my work, I dared at some point to really put them through their paces in terms of "indestructibility". I was simply interested in whether they really keep the manufacturer's "unbreakable" promise. To be precise, I carried out three tests. First, I dropped the batteries repeatedly from a height of 1.5 m to simulate a fall from camera height. I also wanted to know how much pressure the batteries could withstand - so I drove my Audi A6 (it weighs almost two tons) over a battery. Finally, I threw the battery ten metres until it landed on the ground. After all these tests I could not find any functional impairment, except for a few abrasions on the case. This is one of the reasons why I can only warmly recommend bebob batteries - they are extremely reliable and extremely robust. Besides the Micro series, which is sensationally small and well made, I love the V290RMcine. High performance batteries, which are a great counterweight to heavy lenses. With them I could power my RED camera for four to five hours without interruption. Bebob, thanks for your unique products!"

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Bebob batteries! Wow it’s really works! My car is around 2000kg! ??? Don't try it at home alone! The truth is, we're testing @bebobbatteries . So respect your equipment for which you work hard. We just want to tell you that the Bebob Batteries are strong enough. WRITE IN THE COMMENT WHAT WE HAVE TO CHECK FOR YOU WITH THESE BATTERIES. WHAT’S NEXT? . . . . . #battery #redscarletw #red5k #bebob #rig #reddigitalcinema #reduseres #redepic #redhelium #cameraasistant #redgemini #mattebox #dsmc2 #redcamera #bebobbatteries #filmmaker #directorofphotography #strongenough #filmujemy #cameraoperator #cameragear #creativelight #camerasetup #metal #cameragear #camerarig #filmlife #xeencf #filmmaking #filmmakinglife

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We say Łukasz THANK YOU for this great feedback!

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