Vmicro Battery Plate for TVLogic 58W, F5, F-7H, F-7H MkII

- compatible with Vmicro, VMount and VCine batteries
- Internally wired for TVLogic 058W
- 2 x Twist D-TAP
- only 110g

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bebob Benefits

Twist D-Tap

Only bebob batteries provide the unique bebob Twist-D-Tap. This rainproof socket allows you to plug a D-Tap connector into the battery with free choice of cable trailing from the left or right.
Mount (battery side)Vmicro (f)
CompatibilityVmicro batteries
VMount batteries
VCine batteries
MonitorTVLogic 058W (Direct)
TVLogic F-7H (with cable AK-DTAP-MINI XLR4)
TVLogic F-7H MkII (with cable AK-DTAP-MINI XLR4)
TVLogic F5A-AG (with cable AK-DTAP-MINI XLR4)
OutputsInternally wired for TVLogic 58W
2 Twist D-TAP (14,4V unreg. max. 5,0A)
Dimensions (WxHxD)108x67x25mm
Warranty2 Years