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COCO-MODO – New Battery Adapters for the Red Komodo

Good news! We are expanding our extensive portfolio of adapters for V-Mount and Gold-Mount batteries with two new models for the RED Komodo: Via the COCO-MODO-V and COCO-MODO-A the camera can be operated with V- or Gold-Mount batteries – which ensures a much longer runtime than the (supplied) Canon BP 955.

COCO-MODO: Robust Adapter with Versatile Applications

The two new Bebob adapters convert the 14.4V output voltage of a V- or Gold-Mount battery іnto 2 х 7.4V to power the ВР battery slots of the RED Komodo. The BP battery slot allows the COCO-MODO-V and COCO-MODO-A to be connected directly to the camera. This way, the RED Komodo can be powered by the ultra-compact Bebob Micro batteries – but both adapters are also compatible with (compact and full-size) batteries from other suppliers.

Special attention was paid to an excellent fit when designing the adapters: The Bebob COCO-MODO attach absolutely smoothly to the back of the camera, and the batteries sit securely and smoothly on the plates. Convenient additional feature: The adapters have a hot-swap function so that batteries can be replaced during operation and without interrupting the power supply.

Another benefit: Various accessories can be connected and supplied with power via the (typically Bebob) Twist D-Тар and other outputs, controllable via on-off switch including LED display. Both COCO-MODO come with an unlimited 2-year warranty on all parts.

Technical Specifications

Versions: COCO-MODO-V (V-Mount) and COCO-MODO-A (Gold-Mount)

Voltage: 5,0V/14,4V unreg. OUT / 7 to 17V (camera IN)

Max. draw: Depending on battery used

1 Twist D-Tap: 14,4V unreg. / max. 5.0A

1 USB (C) Port: 5,0V / max. 1,0A

1 USB (A) Port: 5,0V / max. 2,0A

2 Lemo 2p: 12V unreg. / max. 2,0A

1 Lemo 2p DC IN: 7 to 17V – Hotswap

Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C

Dimensions (WxHxD): 66 x 82,2 x 26,1 mm

Weight: 0,225 kg


The adapters are available immediately from all established Bebob dealers.

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