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Not only for the Sony Burano – new Coco-Vmicro2 adapter
We are expanding our portfolio with a versatile new adapter, the Coco-Vmicro2. Compatible with two Vmicro batteries of any…
26. Oct. 2023 /
GN4/8: Practical charging stations for V-Mount, A-Mount and B-Mount batteries

Our new 4- and 8-channel charging stations are particularly aimed at rental companies, but are also ideal for customers with larger stocks of batteries. Easy to mount on the wall and cascadable, they are perfect for storing and charging batteries that are currently not in use. The wall-mounted chargers are available in five versions, with …

26. Oct. 2023 /
B480CINE: The Industry’s Most Powerful B-Mount Battery!

With the new B480cine, we are launching the most powerful B-Mount battery to date! In addition to a market-wide unique capacity of 475 watt-hours and a maximum load capacity of 20 amps (continuous current), the newcomer (like our complete B-Mount portfolio) also scores with 14.4/28.8 volt dual-voltage capability and 450 watts continuous power output. This makes …

14. Jul. 2023 /
News Products
New B-Mount Battery Adapter for the RED V-Raptor XL: B2V-Raptor-XL

We are introducing a new B-Mount to 24V V-Mount adapter for the RED V-Raptor XL: The B2V-RAPTOR-XL is plugged onto the camera’s V-mount connector and converts its power supply to the high-voltage B-Mount system with 24V. This way, all 24V accessory outputs of the RED V-Raptor XL can be used with full power. With B-Mount, …

24. May. 2023 /
News Products
bebob COCO-VENICE – New B-Mount Battery Adapter for Sony Venice 1 and 2

We are expanding our portfolio of adapters for B-Mount batteries with a new model for the Sony VENICE cameras (version 1 and 2): With the help of the COCO-VENICE, both cameras can be operated with B-Mount batteries – and thus benefit from the most powerful and flexible power supply currently available on the market. COCO-VENICE: Power Supply …

20. Mar. 2023 /
bebob Presents Expanded B-Mount Portfolio

With B-Mount, Bebob developed a new battery interface three years ago. Now the Munich battery manufacturer presents a complete portfolio of batteries, chargers and adapters with the new 24V interface – all products are now available in stores and can also score with 12V/24V multi-voltage capability.

22. Feb. 2022 /
News Products
COCO-MODO – New Battery Adapters for the Red Komodo

Good news! We are expanding our extensive portfolio of adapters for V-Mount and Gold-Mount batteries with two new models for the RED Komodo: Via the COCO-MODO-V and COCO-MODO-A the camera can be operated with V- or Gold-Mount batteries – which ensures a much longer runtime than the (supplied) Canon BP 955. COCO-MODO: Robust Adapter with …

10. Nov. 2021 /
Our Sustainability Action Plan

Step by Step Towards More Sustainable Production and Recycling Chains We are glad to see an increasing environmental awareness in our industry! At bebob, we are also working hard to improve processes and thus to create more sustainable production and recycling chains. Respect for the environment has played an important role for our company from …

02. Jun. 2021 /
Behind the scenes
One Year Among Elephants

Botswana in southern Africa: Still over 130,000 elephants live here. An ideal place to observe the life of the grey giants. The Hamburg biologists and animal filmmakers Jens Westphalen and Thoralf Grospitz did this for one year. In the midst of the giants, they filmed their lives at close quarters. In their search for rechargeable batteries that could guarantee …

12. Jan. 2021 /
Behind the scenes
bebob Powers Innovative Solution for Mobile Satellite Communications

Enabling communication, wherever you go – this is the vision of CPN Satellite Services. For 30 years now, the company specializes in innovative solutions for mobile satellite communications. CPN’s products can be used anywhere in the world, whether in the desert, in the deepest jungle, on high mountains, in crisis areas or in unmanned areas. Such as bebob …

03. Nov. 2020 /
Behind the scenes
ARRI Offers the Full Range of bebob Products in Japan and Korea

Full range of bebob batteries and battery accessories are now available locally in Japan and Korea through ARRI Following the collaboration with ARRI Australia, renowned German battery manufacturer, bebob, has once again partnered with ARRI to bring its products directly to Japan and Korea. Customers from both countries can now purchase the full range of …

21. Sep. 2020 /
Behind the scenes