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New B-Mount Battery Adapter for the RED V-Raptor XL: B2V-Raptor-XL

We are introducing a new B-Mount to 24V V-Mount adapter for the RED V-Raptor XL: The B2V-RAPTOR-XL is plugged onto the camera's V-mount connector and converts its power supply to the high-voltage B-Mount system with 24V. This way, all 24V accessory outputs of the RED V-Raptor XL can be used with full power. With B-Mount, camera operators and rentals can benefit from the most powerful power supply currently available on the market.

B2V-RAPTOR-XL: Flexible Power Supply for the RED V-Raptor-XL with 24V

The 24V-compatible B2V-RAPTOR-XL plugs directly into the camera's V-Mount connector and supports all power outputs of the RED V-Raptor-XL for accessories. This turns the camera into a power hub for all connected equipment – the complete camera system can be operated with a single B-Mount on-board battery.

At 300g (and 90x140x35mm external dimensions), the adapter does not put on much. It is compatible with all common B-Mount batteries. The B2V-RAPTOR-XL comes with an unlimited two-year warranty.

B-Mount: Future-Proof Battery System with Many Advantages

The benefits of B-Mount batteries include 24-volt and dual-voltage capability , smooth mechanics and universal battery communication. Compatible with cameras, lights and accessories from a wide range of manufacturers, the B-Mount interface also allows all equipment on set to be powered by a single battery system – providing significant logistical benefits for camera operators and rental companies.


Voltage: 20,5V to 33,6V
Dimensions (WxHxD): 90 x 140 x 35mm
Weight: 300g


The adapter is available immediately from all established bebob dealers.

Product page: B2V-Raptor-XL

Not only for the Sony Burano – new Coco-Vmicro2 adapter

We are expanding our portfolio with a versatile new adapter, the Coco-Vmicro2. Compatible with two Vmicro batteries of any capacity, the Coco-Vmicro2 allows for battery replacement during camera operation thanks to its Hotswap function. As a junction box, it features numerous outputs for accessories and can also be used as a charging station through the integrated …

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GN4/8: Practical charging stations for V-Mount, A-Mount and B-Mount batteries

Our new 4- and 8-channel charging stations are particularly aimed at rental companies, but are also ideal for customers with larger stocks of batteries. Easy to mount on the wall and cascadable, they are perfect for storing and charging batteries that are currently not in use. The wall-mounted chargers are available in five versions, with …

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