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One Year Among Elephants

Botswana in southern Africa: Still over 130,000 elephants live here. An ideal place to observe the life of the grey giants. The Hamburg biologists and animal filmmakers Jens Westphalen and Thoralf Grospitz did this for one year. In the midst of the giants, they filmed their lives at close quarters.

In their search for rechargeable batteries that could guarantee an uninterrupted power supply for their Sony F55 camera with Canon HJ 18x28 lens even under extreme outdoor conditions, the experienced film producers decided on our bebob V98.  These can be easily transported to Africa by plane and convince (like all bebob batteries) with high reliability, robustness and many practical features.

The shootings of Thoralf Grospitz and Jens Westphalen resulted in a wonderful, touching contribution for Abenteuer Erde: "Abenteuer Erde: Ein Jahr unter Elefanten - zwei Hamburger im Süden Afrika" (Adventure Earth: A year among elephants - two citizens of Hamburger in southern Africa). In addition, other great films were made for Doclights / NDR Naturfilm, Arte and ORF.

More information about the two filmmakers and their film production "Zorilla Film" at

Jens Westphalen (left side) and Thoralf Grospitz from Zorilla Film.

bebob introduces new Hot Swap Adapters for B-Mount

Two new B-Mount batteries with buffer function complete the B-Mount portfolio of Munich-based battery manufacturer bebob. The B90cineML and the B155cineML have different capacities (86Wh and 156Wh, respectively), but share the same functionalities. They can be connected in series with other B-Mount batteries and simultaneously function as dual-voltage high-performance batteries and hot-swap adapters.

19. Jun. 2024 /
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bebob MLmicro: Unique V-Mount Battery with Hotswap and Buffer Function

With its large number of outputs, the 43Wh/14.4V/200W battery acts as power center on set Munich, April 9, 2024. bebob, the Munich-based battery manufactory, is expanding its portfolio with the MLmicro, a highly versatile 43 Wh/14.4 V battery with hotswap/buffer function and a variety of outputs. The MLmicro not only supplies power to V-Mount cameras, …

09. Apr. 2024 /