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bebob at NAB 2024: Powerful Innovations for Cameras and Lighting

Visitors to stand C6732 can expect a variety of new solutions for power supply on set

Munich, April 8, 2024. Visitors to this year's NAB should not miss a visit to the bebob stand (Central Hall, Bavarian Pavilion, C6732). The Munich-based battery manufacturer is bringing various new products to Las Vegas and will also be providing an insight into many product launches in the near future. The overriding themes will be performance, flexibility, quality and sustainability – both in terms of powering the latest cameras and ultra-modern lights.

CUBE 1200/700: High performance „out of the box“

With the new CUBE 1200/700, bebob is launching a successor to its successful block battery: with a maximum load of 700W, a capacity of 1140Wh and various voltages (14.4V, 24V, 48V), the newcomer reliably supplies even the most demanding lights on set with power for longer periods of time.

In addition to its enormous power, the CUBE 1200/700 scores highly in terms of versatility and flexibility. A wide range of connections are available for all standard camera models and lights: Including three 12V outputs (1 x D-Tap, 2x XLR), two 24V outputs (XLR) and a 48V output (XLR).

Even the most power-hungry lights can be operated at maximum performance via the 48V output. For example, the new block battery supplies the SkyPanel X21 (ARRI), the Sumomax (Sumolight) and the Vortex8 (Creamsource) with power for 1 hour 45 minutes, the Orbiter from ARRI for 2 hours 15 minutes and the SkyPanel S60-C/S120-C for around 3 hours.

The CUBE 1200/700 has an integrated charger and is fully recharged within eight hours after use.

Another major advantage for the environment and budget: as with all bebob batteries, the old cells in the CUBE 1200/700 can be replaced with new ones when their capacity diminishes.

MLmicro: Unique V-Mount battery with hotswap and buffer function

The MLmicro is a unique, highly versatile 43Wh /14.4V /200W battery with hotswap & buffer function and a variety of outputs. The MLmicro not only supplies power to V-Mount cameras, but also to a wide range of accessories – and also enables cameras, accessories and lights to be recharged during operation.

The lightweight, compact and robust MLmicro is attached directly to the camera via the V-Mount connection. With a capacity of 43Wh, it can power the new SONY Burano with 60W for more than 40 minutes or the F-7H mk2 monitor from TVlogic for more than 1.5 hours. Its maximum continuous load is 200W. With 43Wh, it can maintain this continuous load for approx. 10 minutes – more than enough time to change a connected battery and ensure an uninterrupted operation of the camera.

V240micro: Strong addition to the Vmicro family

bebob's Vmicro batteries enjoy a large fan base worldwide. With the V240micro, the fifth member now completes the ultra-compact V-Mount family. With 14.4V /16.5Ah /238Wh and a maximum load capacity of 16.0A, it is perfect for all V-Mount cameras, as well as other devices such as monitors or lights. For example, 60W cameras such as the SONY Burano can be powered for four hours without interruption. As with all Vmicros, a Twist D-Tap and USB connection are also on board, as well as an integrated torch.

Of course, the cells of bebob's most powerful micro battery are also replaceable!

bebob MLmicro: Unique V-Mount Battery with Hotswap and Buffer Function

With its large number of outputs, the 43Wh/14.4V/200W battery acts as power center on set Munich, April 9, 2024. bebob, the Munich-based battery manufactory, is expanding its portfolio with the MLmicro, a highly versatile 43 Wh/14.4 V battery with hotswap/buffer function and a variety of outputs. The MLmicro not only supplies power to V-Mount cameras, …

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