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bebob MLmicro: Unique V-Mount Battery with Hotswap and Buffer Function

With its large number of outputs, the 43Wh/14.4V/200W battery acts as power center on set

Munich, April 9, 2024. bebob, the Munich-based battery manufactory, is expanding its portfolio with the MLmicro, a highly versatile 43 Wh/14.4 V battery with hotswap/buffer function and a variety of outputs. The MLmicro not only supplies power to V-Mount cameras, but also to a wide range of accessories - and enables uninterrupted battery replacement for cameras, monitors and other equipment during operation. Combining all these features, this product is unique on the market to date.

Uninterrupted power supply

The lightweight, compact and robust MLmicro is attached directly to the camera via the V-Mount connection. Communication with cameras from various manufacturers such as Red, Sony, Blackmagic or Arri is established automatically. With a capacity of 43Wh, the battery can, for example, power the new Sony Burano with 60W for more than 40 minutes or the TVlogic F-7H mk2 monitor for more than 1.5 hours.

The maximum continuous load of the MLmicro is 200W. With 43Wh, it can maintain this continuous load for approx. 10 minutes - more than enough time to change a connected battery and ensure uninterrupted operation of the camera. As soon as the connected battery runs out, the MLmicro's LED capacity indicator flashes red and the hotswap automatically takes over the power supply. Its high performance makes it suitable as a hotswap adapter for all camera accessories (monitor, focus, audio, etc.) or even the gimbal. The integrated USB-C 45W output also enables the power supply of notebooks or smartphones on set.

The MLmicro can be charged either via a connected battery, a V-Mount charger, via D-Tap (for example the S1micro) or via the integrated USB-C input.

Junction box for a wide range of accessories

With its numerous connections, the MLmicro expands the scope many times over, and not just for slimline cameras such as the new Sony Burano. The various outputs can be used for monitors, recorders, wireless audio receivers, wireless video transmitters or wireless sharpeners, among other accessories.

The USB-C PD3 port supports the charging of laptops and smartphones and also allows the MLmicro to be charged using standard USB-C chargers.


Capacity: 43Wh (nominal 14.4V / 3Ah)

Mount: micro V-Mount


  • Vmicro 200W (total continuous power), 14.4V unreg. (10V-16.8V) / 16A (constant)
  • USB-C (PD3) 45W (5V; 9V; 12V; 15V / 3A)
  • USB-A 7.5W (5V / 1.5A)
  • D-Tap 14.4V unregulated / 5A (per output)
  • Lemo 14.4V unregulated / 2A (per output)

Supported camera protocols: Red, Arri, Sony, Blackmagic

Inputs (charging):

  • V-Mount charger: 84W (16.8V / 5A)
  • Attached battery
  • USB-C (up to 40W)
  • D-Tap 16.8V unregulated / 5A


  • 3x 2pin Lemo out (14.4V unreg.)
  • 2x D-Tap (14.4V unreg.)
  • 1x USB-C (input/output)
  • 1x USB-A

Weight: 580g

Dimensions (W x H x D): 77 x 110 x 57mm or 85 x 110 x 57mm (dimensions incl. switch)

Warranty: 2 years

Price and availability

The recommended retail price for the MLmicro is € 1,198/USD 1,298 with an unlimited two-year warranty. The adapter is available immediately from all authorised bebob dealers.

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